Trip to Haiti: Summer 2016


Our first visit to Haiti was to introduce ourselves to the students and the staff, evaluate the school's needs, and assure the administration of our sustained support. We also visited the town's health center and brought some medical supplies and equipment to help treat asthma patients. Finally, we visited an orphanage, where we spent time with the orphans and  distributed clothes and shoes to them.


Future Project:

School Reconstruction


Our long term goal is to move the school to a new building, which will offer an environment more conducive to learning and will be more comfortable both for students and teachers.


Trip to Haiti: Summer 2017


During this second trip we repaired and repainted the front of the school. We also built 5 chalkboard, 25 benches, and a latrine. We again re-visited the clinic and brought them various medical supplies. Finally, we went to another orphanage where we spent some time with the kids, organized fun activities with them, and distributed clothes and toys to them.


Ongoing Financial Support


We are helping  to keep the school afloat by assisting in paying the staff since only a small percentage of parents can afford to pay the school fees and tuition. The school would cease to exist without that financial support. This is why we welcome donations all year round so that we can keep our promise and commitment to help the kids continue to afford to go to school.